"IMAJ thrills crowds with Beauty, Grace and Versatility."

-Star McKinney Courier-Gazette

Texas Country Darling IMAJ arrives to every show bedazzled in traditional Country fashion, with warm hugs for everyone and a pure voice that touches the spirit. Her vocal style is a cross between traditional, folk and pop Country with a special place in her heart for legends like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. IMAJ's goal is to spread peace through music and she does just that by serenading you with her original Billboard hits, her newest music video for world peace (that just went viral, reaching over 2 Million views) and covering the greats live. Whether she's performing acoustically in an arena along side multi-platinum country artists such as LeAnn Rimes or Collin Raye, or with a full band at festival, or completely a cappella singing the national anthem, you name it, IMAJ delights audiences with love and with style.


Facebook: 20,080+ Fans | Twitter: 5,450+  | Instagram: 1,550+ 

Latest Music Video (2016): Over 2.6 Million+ Views with 17,005+ Likes and 6,450+ Shares





Special Guest of  Collin Raye on Tour: The Plaza Theatre (Glasgow, KY), Decatur Civic Center (Decatur, TX), The Franklin Theatre (Franklin, TN), Buffalo County Fairgrounds (Nebraska)

Special Guest of  Collin Raye and LeAnn Rimes at Gypsum Music Festival (Gypsum, CO)

Special Guest of  Collin Raye and Neal McCoy at CollinFest (DeQueen, AR)

Special Guest of  Collin Raye and Lorrie Morgan at Dosey Doe's (Houston, TX) 

Special Guest of  Clay Walker for The Lonestar Legacy Gala at Mesquite Arena (Mesquite, TX)

Special Guest of  Billy Dean for a 5-Day Michigan Tour: DeltaPlex Arena, Bay City State Theatre, Boyne City Performing Arts Center, Jackson High School, Holland Civic Centre

Special Guest of  Kip Moore for Independence Day Festival (Shreveport, LA)

Special Guest of Gretchen Wilson for her Fan Club at Fontanel Mansion (Nashville, TN) 

CMA Fest Live Performance and Parade (Nashville, TN)

House of Blues: IMAJ Live in Concert (Dallas, TX)

National Anthem at SMU Gerald J. Ford Stadium for Tom Landry Classic (University Park, TX)

National Anthem and Performance at Hard Rock Cafe and Casino Arena (Hollywood, FL)

National Anthem at University of Texas Arlington (Arlington, TX)

National Anthem for NBA's Texas Legends at the Dr. Pepper Arena (Frisco, TX)

Headliner at the 25th Texas Black Invitational Rodeo at The State Fair Coliseum (Dallas, TX)

Headliner at Hall of State at Fair Park – NABJ Scholarship Gala with CNN anchor, Soledad O’Brien

Headliner at The State Fair of Texas (Dallas, TX) 

Headliner at Texas Love & War (Plano, TX) 

Headliner at Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX) 

Headliner for North Texas' 5K Santa Run Benefit for My Possibilities (Plano, TX)

Special Guest Judge at McKinney Performing Arts Center's Singing Competition

IMAJ "Blush" Concert: Under The Stars at Wales Manor & Vineyard (McKinney, TX) 

IMAJ Live in Concert at Dallas Convention Center (2-Nights, Dallas, TX)

Martin Luther King Parade for City of Dallas (Dallas, TX)


As any human being, I live for freedom. With that life, I work through music towards a more compassionate and peaceful world in which we all can enjoy that freedom.

Hi, I'm IMAJ. I'm a Country singer-songwriter and humanitarian. I was born in Miami Beach, Florida as an only girl of five children to my father, 80's TV icon Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs, Miami Vice) and my angel mother.

I've always had an affinity for the arts, as art touches you in a way that's all-at-once understood yet unexplainable. Painting, writing and singing was the estuary to my love of story and song, which led to my love of traditional Country music. I adore the depth of Johnny Cash, the humor of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn's strength, Hank Sr.'s lonesome lyrics, the gentleness of Charley Pride, Patsy Cline's lilting voice and so much more. And there's just something about the sound of Country. The elegance of the fiddle, a tremolo's resonance, a silverly steel... Simply put, it all captivated my heart and I've been performing ever since.

I've had the honor of being a special guest of/touring with sweet Collin Raye, big teddybear Billy Dean, kind-hearted Gretchen Wilson, golf-loving Clay Walker, wonderful Lorrie Morgan, hilarious Neal McCoy, cool Kip Moore and the beautiful LeAnn Rimes.

Peace and love

At a very young age, I fell in love with the mystery of life; what was beyond the vault of heaven, the people on Earth, what it all meant and now what it all means to be alive. The creative environment I was raised in encouraged that curiosity, and so that inquisitive nature has never left me.

John F. Kennendy said, "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." It may or may not be true, but it's a great comfort to me to believe that everything happens for a reason. My eldest brother, who has Aspergers and has always been like our sweet Forrest Gump, went on to develop paranoia schizophrenia some years ago, to my family's great distress and exhaustion. Growing through that made me all the more passionate about  using my career to promote world peace. I've learned there are so many facets to being human and they're simply all a part of life. For "we are all human; therefore, nothing human can be alien to us," Maya Angelou. As any human being, I live for freedom. With that life, I work through music towards a more compassionate and peaceful world in which we all can enjoy that freedom.


In my free time, I love to laugh. It's probably one of my most favorite things in the whole world besides food. I also enjoy soaking up the sun, reading, dancing, the opera, history, fashion design, deep conversations, playing my Gibson Doves In Flight guitar and my sweet Yorkie Ever Hart.

There’s an intelligence that lies beyond our antiquated fears of one another. That intelligence is LOVE.
— IMAJ, Colorblind


"Colorblind" is the first single off of the highly anticipated IMAJ sophomore album America's Sweetheart, that released worldwide on January 5, 2016. With over 2.6 Million views, the accompanying music video has become viral phenomenon encouraging world peace. IMAJ co-wrote Colorblind with her dear friends multi-platinum songwriter Ron Grimes (most known for his work with LeAnn Rimes) and The Voice of Holland finalist Jennifer Lynn. In the song IMAJ describes a millennial's perspective. She uses color as a metaphor for diversity beyond just skin color. She says the new definition of Colorblind is, "not about ignoring color, it's about seeing beyond the stereotypes of color, to see each other for who we actually are. It's about seeing the vitality of diversity; in our skin, in our language, our culture, our gender, our faith. There's an intelligence that lies beyond our antiquated fears of one another. That intelligence is LOVE."

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Love, love, love.
— IMAJ, lyrics from her debut single


IMAJ charted on Nashville's Music Row and climbed to New and Active on the Billboard Country charts with her debut single, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner."


"Colorblind" is the first single from IMAJ's sophomore album, America's Sweetheart, released on January 5, 2016.



IMAJ has been featured in the following TV, radio, print media outlets:

  • ABC Good Morning Texas
  • ABC WFAA's Nightly News
  • FOX News: Deco Drive
  • NBC 6: In The Mix
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • CW33 TV Network
  • BUDDY: Texas Music Magazine
  • CMA Close Up Magazine, said to be "The One To Watch"
  • Queen Latifah, labeled the "New Face of Country"
  • IMAJ's artwork was also displayed at the Dallas Museum of Art


"IMAJ is Country's next big star!" Collin Raye

"You have a true star on your hands! [IMAJ] is a STAR!!!" Dionne Warwick

"Imaj is the best Country singer I've ever worked with. Before it's over, everyone on this planet is going to know her name." Ron Grimes, multi-platinum songwriter, Leann Rimes

“[IMAJ] is one of the most talented young entertainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for success is rivaled only by the size of her heart.” Donnie Nelson Jr., general manager and president of NBA Dallas Mavericks

"[IMAJ is] just terrific!” Soledad O'Brien, CNN anchor and New York Times best-selling author

“The response from viewers on IMAJ's feature story was huge! It was the biggest response we've had to a local story in a long time.” Debbie Denmon, ABC's WFAA Channel 8 Evening News

"IMAJ is incredible! She's going to be huge!" Billy Dean, multi-gold country singer-songwriter



Known mononymously as IMAJ, the artist fans everywhere call their “Country Darling” is a multi-talented Country singer-songwriter, visual artist, novelist, actress and humanitarian. Born in Miami Beach, FL to a model mother and actor father, 80’s TV icon Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs of Miami Vice), IMAJ grew up in a “utopian environment where creativity was encouraged.” CMA (Country Music Association) CloseUp Magazine called IMAJ "The One To Watch." She was also labeled "The New Face of Country Music" by QueenLatifah.com.

Her debut single "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" from her self-titled debut album charted on Music Row and reached New and Active on the Billboard Country Charts. IMAJ says the song is, "...all about being yourself in a world where everyone else is trying to be everyone else. It's all about Peace, Love and Country music."