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IMAJ, “I see color.”

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I SEE COLOR: Love. L-O-V-E. Is there enough love to go around? Does the sun have only one beam, for one flower, on this Earth? Are we not all interconnected? My mother has always taught me that true value and integrity is in oneself. Yet every now and then, including lately, someone will reach out to me and inform me about a new “Black Female” Country Singer. Some time ago I had the experience where an associate said they mentioned me to a major label and the label’s reply to that person was they already had “one” (i.e. a Black Female Country singer). Most of the time when I’m approached about this, I’m presented with the urgency of it — that I have to win, to be the first. But I’m not the first nor are they. There are several talented, “Black Female” Country singers that have been around for decades (Linda Martel, et al) and its a wonderful thing. I certainly embrace my ethnicity, my history — which is the history of us all — and I do see color. Why wouldn’t I? Beauty, culture, language, art ~ these are all the colors that breathe life into our world. I celebrate our differences. Why would we not celebrate the unique beauty of the eagle as well as the dove? And yet I Am — We Are — Human Beings. We are the Human Race. Each of us is a miracle from the complexity of our human eyes to the warmth depth of the Human Spirit. The moment we begin to use our differences to tear each other apart rather than fit our puzzle pieces together, there can be no love, no beauty, and no truth. What I pray for, work towards and live this life through is a hope that with each new generation we will have open minds and hearts that will grow and act in Love not Fear. This time on Earth is so incredibly precious. One day each and every one of our times will run out. Do all that you can to celebrate the beauty of our world. Appreciate life. Stand up for what may not be easy but in the end is what’s right. Celebrate yourself and each other. And above all act in Love. For when you are full of love you have no reason to fear. ‪#‎countrymusic‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎newyear‬



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I imagine we all think about it. I mean, it is an inevitability of life. But for some reason humans who possess the gifts of reflection and understanding, never want to talk about it. Yet there we are the moment we are born. And here we are now, descending further and further towards death.

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My view from here shows a peaceful world can exist when we rise above the cruelty of man.

Be the change. United we stand. #Honor911


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You know when you think those happy thoughts about someone that make you smile to yourself but you never tell them? Tell them. You may make them smile, too.


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For the writer, it seems, nothing is more satisfying than painting life’s beauty with words. Yet words, however eloquent, never seem to portray the full landscape… I imagine, that’s where the colours of music come in.

Memory Care Unit Jam

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As a volunteer for Grace Hospice, I sang at a memory care unit today at Vickery Towers Assisted Living (Dallas, TX) and had so much fun with everyone! I started out singing my originals on guitar then we all began free-styling together. We went into classics like “The Sound of Music” “Blue Moon” “Part of Your World” ~ Disney songs and the like. We seriously just jammed out to whatever we could think of and we had a blast! Singing with these guys reminded me of fun times with family. It also reminded me that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we all make it, you know. Sometimes all you need is a guitar and some friends… and life is good. (: ♥

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Imaj poses with a fan at Six Flags.

Last night a little girl (not pictured) told me she wanted to be a singer but her family didn’t have any money. If your children want to sing, encourage them beyond the glitz and glamour: Let them sing for friends who are having a bad day, for the homeless and the elderly. Then they’ll understand what it’s really like to be a singer; to make a difference in someone’s life just by sharing their voice.

Stop Bullying Now

October 18, 2011 — Leave a comment
Imaj with Charter School Student after her performance-small

Imaj with student after her talk and performance at A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy (Dallas, TX).

I have a family member who is learning disabled and has been bullied his whole life. There’s a helplessness that comes over you when loved ones who are prone to being bullied have to go out into the real world because people can be so cruel and impatient and you can’t protect them from everyone. But there is something that you can do. You, yourself, can be kind to others. You can culture your family and friends, teach them to celebrate our differences rather than condemn them. You can extend love to all people. Because a society which produces bullies is a society where people are not being loved but hurt so they grow to hurt others. Heal our world. Love each other.

Steve Jobs

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“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” ♥ Steve Jobs

I’ve adored Apple since I was little and ever since I was old enough to appreciate the man behind the design he’s had a special place in my heart. Steve’s legacy is that of man and invention not only externally exquisite but internally elegant and transformative, inspiring us all. This is so sad. I already miss him terribly.