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I am Love. You are Love. We are Love. As children we were all born into this world, absolutely innocent. All we ever longed for was love, peace and harmony with our new environment. That innocence is the single thread that still connects us all. It’s who we really are beneath whatever society has conditioned us to be. And when we recognize that Love as who we really, we can’t help but project out into the world that which is inside of us. Though we rarely see it through the media, where cruelty and injustice populate the screen, as human beings we overwhelmingly choose empathy over apathy, selflessness over selfishness, compassion over indifference. Who we are gives us all the power to make a difference. I am Love. You are Love. We are Love.


Look who I just found on a shirt at H&M (Daddy and Don) ~ Happy 30th Anniversary Miami Vice and to all you loyal Vice fans out there! Peace, love and Big Hugs to you

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“Tonight [we're a little bit country] because we fell in love with the sound of a Miami native, who’s busy conquering the world…the sultry and sweet IMAJ.” ~Deco Drive (FOX News) WSVN Channel 7

“Country music has a new star that is quickly making a name for herself. Roxanne Vargas spoke with Imaj about her recent success and latest album.” From NBC 6

BREAKING NEWS: IMAJ makes New and Active on the BILLBOARD Country Charts. What an honor!Get your personal autographed copy of the IMAJ album here:


IMAJ will make her 2014 movie acting debut in the feature film, Cottonwood.

Cottonwood is a period piece that takes place during the great depression and dustbowl era in West Texas. It’s a murder mystery, during a difficult time in American history, where the local sheriff must decide whether to do what is right or what is law when a local racist is found dead. | The starry cast of COTTONWOOD also includes: Louis Gosset Jr., Anthony Michael Hall, Alison Eastwood (daughter of actor Clint Easwood), Ethan Suplee, Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Stephen “tWitch” Boss. Learn more here:


Between touring California:

“Dear California,

Today I was finally taking a short break from the road and sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Santa Maria, when a sudden warmth came over me. Something was warming my heart but I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was like that warm feeling of a sweet childhood scent, you know? Like a happy memory. Or a perfect day. What was creating this joy in me? Was it the time of year? Well, there’s still a few months ’till Christmas season. Was it the great weather? No, I was sitting inside and it was cold. But something. I feel something. ‘What is it, California?’ I thought to myself. Then, ‘Oh my goodness…it’s the ocean!’ I had been so focused — so “go, go, go” on this tour — that I didn’t even anticipate California for its beaches. Thank you so much for this little moment of freedom. Thank you for making this mermaid feel at home again.”

~IMAJ via Facebook



While photographing flowers at Helen Keller’s birthplace museum:
“I wonder what it is about flowers that gives them such power over the human eye. With their frail petals and bright colors, they draw us nearer and nearer and just as quickly transport us to a place of peace in our own mind. Perhaps they are proof that vulnerability is strength.” @IMAJ via Instagram