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IMAJ posts via Facebook, “The ego is that ugly little troll that lives underneath the bridge between your mind and your Heart (love). Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something. When you lose the ego…you become infinite, kind, beautiful.” So pleased to share this graphic tee by 3rd Culture Style. Thank you so much for the gift. (Above quotes by Osho, Gael Greene & Yogi Bhajan)

IMAJ in Los Angeles

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“Wonderful things happen when you least expect it ~ So Blessed with more to come.” Imaj via Facebook

IMAJ, “I see color.”

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I SEE COLOR: Love. L-O-V-E. Is there enough love to go around? Does the sun have only one beam, for one flower, on this Earth? Are we not all interconnected? My mother has always taught me that true value and integrity is in oneself. Yet every now and then, including lately, someone will reach out to me and inform me about a new “Black Female” Country Singer. Some time ago I had the experience where an associate said they mentioned me to a major label and the label’s reply to that person was they already had “one” (i.e. a Black Female Country singer). Most of the time when I’m approached about this, I’m presented with the urgency of it — that I have to win, to be the first. But I’m not the first nor are they. There are several talented, “Black Female” Country singers that have been around for decades (Linda Martel, et al) and its a wonderful thing. I certainly embrace my ethnicity, my history — which is the history of us all — and I do see color. Why wouldn’t I? Beauty, culture, language, art ~ these are all the colors that breathe life into our world. I celebrate our differences. Why would we not celebrate the unique beauty of the eagle as well as the dove? And yet I Am — We Are — Human Beings. We are the Human Race. Each of us is a miracle from the complexity of our human eyes to the warmth depth of the Human Spirit. The moment we begin to use our differences to tear each other apart rather than fit our puzzle pieces together, there can be no love, no beauty, and no truth. What I pray for, work towards and live this life through is a hope that with each new generation we will have open minds and hearts that will grow and act in Love not Fear. This time on Earth is so incredibly precious. One day each and every one of our times will run out. Do all that you can to celebrate the beauty of our world. Appreciate life. Stand up for what may not be easy but in the end is what’s right. Celebrate yourself and each other. And above all act in Love. For when you are full of love you have no reason to fear. ‪#‎countrymusic‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎newyear‬



1-IMAJ as Holly Golightly


“I woke up like this.” Happy Halloween from Holly Golightly (me) and Cat (Ever Hart) in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Have a BOO-tiful weekend!


BREAKING NEWS: IMAJ makes New and Active on the BILLBOARD Country Charts. What an honor!Get your personal autographed copy of the IMAJ album here:


Was listening to Pandora Radio this morning and look which “similar artist” popped up on the Imaj Radio station?

IMAJ & LeAnn Rimes Green Room

“It was such an honor to share the stage with you at Gypsum Daze Festival.” ~IMAJ via Twitter


Had a blast racing cars and playing golf for Hear the Music Live! And guess what guys? We brought home the trophy! 1st Place at the All-Celebrity Go-Kart Racing Showdown! Learn more about Hear The Music Live and how they’re making a difference in the lives of kids everywhere:

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IMAJ Flower Field Kentucky

“[IMAJ is] just incredible…

…the buzz is so positive with everyone I talk to who has ever heard her. She’s so unique…she’s created her own category. Her writing is just in another zone, and when you combine that with her vocal ability, the word “special” just doesn’t cover it. The opportunities she has ahead of her to positively influence others are endless. I was thinking one day about why we remember some people longer than others: It’s their words. Kennedy’s “Ask not” speech. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, Ronald Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” speech. Their words have wheels. What I heard the other night was a young lady with more insights into life than the average 50-year-old, with the ability to express those ideas in music. When I listen to IMAJ, I hear words with wheels.”

~Bill Hughes, WJSQ Rising Stars & Music on the Menu

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IMAJ gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from Kelly Green on The Farm 100.9FM

(Read the June IMAJ Newsletter and find out Why Country Radio is RAVING about IMAJ!)

That one is truly a star!!! —Jonathan Monk, The Country GIANT 94.7FM

“We have had many talented artists stop by, but I can easily say that IMAJ is the most down to earth artist I have had the opportunity to interview. She is not only incredibly talented, but extremely intelligent. —Larry Kaszynski, WOCO-FM 107.1

[IMAJ] was one of the most enjoyable interviews I have done. She’s smart, talented and very articulate. She is welcome to the station anytime…” —Jerry Wright, The River 101.1FM

“IMAJ was fantasticamazing interview!” —Josh Crowell, The River 101.1FM

IMAJ was the warmest person we’ve ever had in our studio…I thank her for sharing her time & talent with us.” —Ryan McCall, 97-Seven Country WGLR-FM

Ready to have her back already! —Mike Betten, KLMJ-FM 104.9 Hampton

“IMAJ was wonderfulone listener said they could have listened to her sing all day! I hope we can say someday that we knew her when! —Phil Nee, WRCO 100.9FM Country & Community

“This little lady has a great voice and serious song writing skills. She is funny, creative and a great story teller. I know she will be back when she hits it big. —Tim Hartt, WXMM-FM 92.9 Country

[IMAJ] was amazing. Holy cow! —Gabe Buch, Q94-FM Great Country

(Read the June IMAJ Newsletter and find out Why Country Radio is RAVING about IMAJ!)