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IMAJ posts via Facebook, “The ego is that ugly little troll that lives underneath the bridge between your mind and your Heart (love). Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something. When you lose the ego…you become infinite, kind, beautiful.” So pleased to share this graphic tee by 3rd Culture Style. Thank you so much for the gift. (Above quotes by Osho, Gael Greene & Yogi Bhajan)

IMAJ, “I see color.”

November 30, 2014 — Leave a comment


I SEE COLOR: Love. L-O-V-E. Is there enough love to go around? Does the sun have only one beam, for one flower, on this Earth? Are we not all interconnected? My mother has always taught me that true value and integrity is in oneself. Yet every now and then, including lately, someone will reach out to me and inform me about a new “Black Female” Country Singer. Some time ago I had the experience where an associate said they mentioned me to a major label and the label’s reply to that person was they already had “one” (i.e. a Black Female Country singer). Most of the time when I’m approached about this, I’m presented with the urgency of it — that I have to win, to be the first. But I’m not the first nor are they. There are several talented, “Black Female” Country singers that have been around for decades (Linda Martel, et al) and its a wonderful thing. I certainly embrace my ethnicity, my history — which is the history of us all — and I do see color. Why wouldn’t I? Beauty, culture, language, art ~ these are all the colors that breathe life into our world. I celebrate our differences. Why would we not celebrate the unique beauty of the eagle as well as the dove? And yet I Am — We Are — Human Beings. We are the Human Race. Each of us is a miracle from the complexity of our human eyes to the warmth depth of the Human Spirit. The moment we begin to use our differences to tear each other apart rather than fit our puzzle pieces together, there can be no love, no beauty, and no truth. What I pray for, work towards and live this life through is a hope that with each new generation we will have open minds and hearts that will grow and act in Love not Fear. This time on Earth is so incredibly precious. One day each and every one of our times will run out. Do all that you can to celebrate the beauty of our world. Appreciate life. Stand up for what may not be easy but in the end is what’s right. Celebrate yourself and each other. And above all act in Love. For when you are full of love you have no reason to fear. ‪#‎countrymusic‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎newyear‬



“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” performed and arranged by IMAJ and Ron Grimes. Filmed and directed by parents Kassandra and Philip Michael Thomas.

IMAJ’s full debut album is Now Available for purchase on


What do Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga all have in common with Imaj?

A love for Niquea.D

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“Don’t try to fit in. Being different is beautiful. Among other things,
it means you’ve got the sense to think for yourself in a world where
everyone else is trying to be everyone else.”

And so spawned the IMAJ album. This appropriately self-titled debut by “Country Darling” Imaj is all at once country yet genre-defying. Reflecting the anomaly that she is, this album has a native heart, childlike freedom and old soul. Imaj gracefully blends traditional, folk, bluegrass, Beatles-pop and operatic war cries with lyrics and a pure vocal range as wide and deep as her spirit.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” a fan favorite and Imaj’s first single, is the love child of her hippie-hillbilly nature that will take you for a smooth yet wild ride on a peace train. You can always tell which songs she wrote. They each have a distinct signature about them with outlaw characteristics like “Darkness” shining light on the beauty of black and doubt; “Train Song” ran some of Nashville’s most seasoned musicians off the tracks; and “Passport” a tune with a backstory and vocal range that maintains a reputation for giving all fans alike goosebumps.

It’s her clever balance of unusual songwriting and pure vocal tone that makes Imaj like a rare painting fans want to win at an auction and frame for all to see. Imaj is a true artist, with that “IT” factor that industry giants are continuously on the prowl for. She’s not only a great vocalist with cross-over appeal, she’s an artist that has the most sought after trait in the industry: longevity. Snuggle her up with the greats; she’ll fit just fine next to your Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and Beatles records.


IMAJ was invited to Nashville, TN to float in the CMA Fest Kick-Off parade as well as perform in the 2012 CMA Fest. She’s headlined such venues as House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Six Flags Over Texas, Dr. Pepper Arena and her story has been featured on Good Morning Texas, CW33 & Pink Memo, ESPN Radio and Channel 8 evening news. IMAJ has toured with multi-platinum country singers, Collin Raye and Billy Dean as well as opened for noted artists LeAnn Rimes, Clay Walker, Lorrie Morgan, Gretchen Wilson, Neal McCoy and Kip Moore. She is currently on a Country Radio Tour. Listen for her on a station near you!



What an incredible night at The Lonestar Legacy Gala with ♥ Clay Walker! Thank you so much to Mesquite ISD Education Foundation for the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. | Photo: Rocking my Wyatt McCubbin tee at soundcheck. More coming soon. ♥ Good night (:

Mark your icalendars Imajflowers! March 2nd @ 1:00PM to help end bullying IMAJ will be part of a Live worldwide video broadcast for The NO BULL Guys. She has also donated autographed albums & photos for their 24hour giveaway. Join us to support an end to bullying and a beginning to world peace & love!


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I imagine we all think about it. I mean, it is an inevitability of life. But for some reason humans who possess the gifts of reflection and understanding, never want to talk about it. Yet there we are the moment we are born. And here we are now, descending further and further towards death.

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