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What do Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga all have in common with Imaj?

A love for Niquea.D

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What an incredible night at The Lonestar Legacy Gala with ♥ Clay Walker! Thank you so much to Mesquite ISD Education Foundation for the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. | Photo: Rocking my Wyatt McCubbin tee at soundcheck. More coming soon. ♥ Good night (:


What living out of a suitcase looks like. #tourlife


Seeing the tip of this sailboat made me all warm and happy inside. It was like William and Harlow sailed from my mind into real life.


Photo by @Imaj via Instagram

You know when you think those happy thoughts about someone that make you smile to yourself but you never tell them? Tell them. You may make them smile, too.


Photo by @Imaj via Instagram

For the writer, it seems, nothing is more satisfying than painting life’s beauty with words. Yet words, however eloquent, never seem to portray the full landscape… I imagine, that’s where the colours of music come in.


Imaj answering fan mail. Photo by @Imaj via Instagram. {iPhone case by Wildflower™}

Answering a lovely letter a sweet girl left me in Nashville ~ This letter has been with me for a while and It’s good to get a chance to reply. <3 Thanks again to anyone who’s ever sent me a drawing or a letter or a gift.

For Imajflowers who don’t know, if you’re ever inclined, do write me:

Imaj Fan Mail
11625 Custer Rd Suite #100-149
Frisco, TX, 75035

I always write back ~ and sometimes…I leave a little gift for you inside. (;

Peace & Love,



Congratulations to Nichole of Alpine, CA! My Team sent in the autographed package (pictured) to be silent-auctioned for her Relay for Life Team for the American Cancer Society. Nichole writes, “Thank you again…so so much! We raised over $100! It went to a little girl who was beyond ecstatic to have it!” Right on. (: I invite you all to get involved. Visit for more info. ♥


Congratulations to @Sofia70, winner of “Peace & Love, Imaj” Instagram Challenge! Sofia says, “My second contribution to the Imaj contest. My son here two years and a half kissing his same-aged girlfriend a summer evening some years ago!”

Thank you, Sofia and thank you all for your thought-felt contributions. Over 2,000 photos were entered from around the world and I promise, not one of you went unnoticed! It was a pure joy for my team and I to be a part of. Because of this we will be running more contests with cash-value prizes in the near future so do stay tuned.

Until then, I hope you will continue to instagram beautiful photos with messages of peace and love to your followers for I truly believe that together we can bring a greater sense of peace to our world. Thank you and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!  Peace and love, “Peace & Love, Imaj Winner!