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“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” performed and arranged by IMAJ and Ron Grimes. Filmed and directed by parents Kassandra and Philip Michael Thomas.

IMAJ’s full debut album is Now Available for purchase on

Mark your icalendars Imajflowers! March 2nd @ 1:00PM to help end bullying IMAJ will be part of a Live worldwide video broadcast for The NO BULL Guys. She has also donated autographed albums & photos for their 24hour giveaway. Join us to support an end to bullying and a beginning to world peace & love!


Guess who’s featured in The Dallas Morning News today? Our Country Darling IMAJ! Thanks again to renowned music critic Mario Tarradell for an amazing interview! You can pick up your own copy where ever newspapers are sold. Be safe out there and enjoy your snow day Dallas!