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Mark your icalendars Imajflowers! March 2nd @ 1:00PM to help end bullying IMAJ will be part of a Live worldwide video broadcast for The NO BULL Guys. She has also donated autographed albums & photos for their 24hour giveaway. Join us to support an end to bullying and a beginning to world peace & love!

Great news this morning from Neal of B-93.7FM to IMAJ: “Thank you for coming to the B93 Roofsit For Kids. You helped us raise over $135,000.00 to fight child abuse. You have a wonderful heart. Give my love to your Mom. :)”

“This is amazing, Neal! This makes me so happy and so very grateful to Billy Dean for inviting me up to B93 Radio to support our Children In Need. A huge thank you also goes out to Cowboy Troy (Big ‘n Rich), country artist Wyatt McCubbin, Ali of Team Imaj Indiana and many, many others who re-tweeted me that day to help reach the goal of the Roof Sit! Cheers to giving all children the life they deserve: a life full of Love, Love, Love! Thanks so much to Neal & B93 for all that you do!” ~Imaj

*You can add Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker, Bradie James to the list of re-tweeters! Thanks, Bradie. ♥



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Imaj poses with a fan at Six Flags.

Last night a little girl (not pictured) told me she wanted to be a singer but her family didn’t have any money. If your children want to sing, encourage them beyond the glitz and glamour: Let them sing for friends who are having a bad day, for the homeless and the elderly. Then they’ll understand what it’s really like to be a singer; to make a difference in someone’s life just by sharing their voice.