Congratulations to @Sofia70, winner of “Peace & Love, Imaj” Instagram Challenge! Sofia says, “My second contribution to the Imaj contest. My son here two years and a half kissing his same-aged girlfriend a summer evening some years ago!”

Thank you, Sofia and thank you all for your thought-felt contributions. Over 2,000 photos were entered from around the world and I promise, not one of you went unnoticed! It was a pure joy for my team and I to be a part of. Because of this we will be running more contests with cash-value prizes in the near future so do stay tuned.

Until then, I hope you will continue to instagram beautiful photos with messages of peace and love to your followers for I truly believe that together we can bring a greater sense of peace to our world. Thank you and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!  Peace and love, “Peace & Love, Imaj Winner!